Professor Wheeldon's Geological Sauntering Society - Join the Professor on his Wonderful Excursions
George A. Wheeldon - Professional Geologist. College Professor, Mining History Expert and "Field Trip Sauntering Guru"
George has been a resident of northern California's geographically diverse and scenic El Dorado County since the early 1960s.  There, he has pursued his boyhood passion for discovering how "stuff works" as he says, and especially for uncovering the secrets of Earth's foundation -- Rocks.
A student, teacher, professional geologist and all-around curiosity seeker, George has amassed an amazing storehouse of knowledge that he shares on a daily basis with his students, colleagues, and friends.
On these web pages, George has assembled information about his activities that might be of interest to people who live in the Sierra Nevada. 
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Professor Wheeldon had his knee replaced this last semester & missed his class but was able to attend the Mono Lake Trip in a wheelchair & Walker.  He has recovered and now walks (slowly) without a cane & is looking forward to the upcoming semester where he is going to teach Geol 300 & 301  (Physical Geology & Physical Geology Lab) (Geol 390) to Mono Lake will be:  lect. OCT 21 and oct17 .  The 3 day field trip will be  OCT 28, 29 & 30.
This field class is finally added this semester (1unit Credit) - see details under class offerings.